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Gravity Forms is a feature-packed, powerful forms plugin for WordPress. It is best suited for users who need to build complex forms on a WordPress site with ease.

The flexibility in Gravity Forms gives you full control over how your forms function and the massive number of addons provide plenty of scope for integration with third-party apps and services.

Pricing:  $59 $259 annually for unlimited sites.

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Gravity Forms Review: Our Thoughts

Gravity forms has been a growing name in the WordPress plugin industry and it still continued its upward trend. This forms plugin has one of the largest communities in WordPress and thus you can get outstanding support right away if you get stuck somewhere.

The collection of built-in and third-party addons have taken Gravity forms to the next level and you can implement almost any type of form that you need using this forms plugin. Gravity Perks is one example that allows you to find code snippets that add enhancements to the plugin.

GravityView is another interesting add-on, enhancing the plugin’s ability to publish form entries on your website. If you’d like to create PDFs from form submissions, there’s a third-party add-on for that too — something you might find useful if you want to create invoices, contracts, or other documents from form data.

Gravity Forms has experienced increased competition since its release. Some of the other forms plugin like – Ninja Forms, WPForms and Fluent forms has recently gained immense popularity but nevertheless, Gravity forms still hold the crown for being the best and most popular forms plugin for WordPress.

Different forms plugin has got different advantages in terms of features and performance, so we always suggest to try out a few instead of sticking to one. Also, there might be a situation where one feature is only available or works great only in a specific forms plugin and vice versa. 

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